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Why we are in business

Why we are a professional janitorial & building maintenance services business?

WHO – AA&B Human Capital Services, A Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Co

Strive to be a prime contractor for various government-entities (and private corporations) professional custodial and/or janitorial cleaning and maintenance service.

WHY – AA&B Human Capital Services, A Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Co

Mission is to identify with clients that require our professional services then provide the most efficient maintenance methods per contract. Our simple philosophy is that a satisfied client will ensure repeat business therefore industry longevity and the opportunity for future services expansion.

HOW – AA&B Human Capital Services, A Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Co

Strive to leverage industry-related technology (battery-operated vacuums, etc) to engage, support and recognize our professional cleaning staff (always in ‘white gloves’ marketing niche) for all the work they do to keep your business sparkling clean at all times.

WHAT – AA&B Human Capital Services, A Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Co

Strive to focus on our clients’ maintenance needs so they can focus on providing a clean and safe environment for its customers and/or employees. It’s this type of mindset that will allow us to focus on delivering professional cleaning standards and quality of service our clients will experience for years to come.

Capability Statement

Federal & State Certified provider of custodial cleaning services, building dwellings & office

maintenance (non repairs), property cleanup & trash removal (non hazardous), parking lot

maintenance and other general commercial interior/exterior cleaning services subcontractor.

Core Competencies & Differentiators

✓ Owner has more than 6 yrs work experience in building maintenance & trash removal services.

✓ Owner has more than 20 yrs work experience in Office Administration & HR Management.

✓ All Staff are required to study & pass bi-monthly commercial cleaning online training courses.

✓ All Staff are required to adhere to current OSHA Workplace Standards at clients’ worksite.

✓ All hiring practices are in accordance w/EEOC for Federal Contractors and its employees.

✓ All Staff must successfully clear/pass E-Verify, Criminal Background & Drug Screening Tests.

Past Performance

▪ JF Professionals- Residential Cleaning Services Contract; 2016 - Present.

▪ Private Online Website Clients- Commercial Cleaning Services Contracts; 2016 - Present.

▪ Local Retail Stores Maintenance- Retail Services Provider; 2015 - Present.

▪ Valet Living Services- Commercial Waste Management Contract; 2016 - 2018.

Federal & State Codes

FEIN #81-3526456 

DUNS #080-036-1315

✓ NAICS/ SIC Codes: 561720 & 561790. 734901, 734902, 734904, 734906, 734908, 7349-20, 26, 30 & 37

  MPIN #A80361315

CAGE #7Q857 

FedBizOpps #813526456

County Supplier / Vendor: 

Clayton #1803-46, 

Cobb #114671 & 

Gwinnett # 6456

 State Procurement Subcontractor / Vendor Registrations: 

State of GA #G813526456

State of AL #VS000043973

State of FL #F813526456

 State of SC #7000245931

State of NC #376841

 City of Atlanta Supplier/Vendor #149699  

MARTA Vendor #20454372

 City of Marietta, GA Bus Lic & Occupation Cert #00073563

 Registered on Contractor Websites 

PlanHub, VendorRegistry, iSqFt, FedBizOpps, CMD Solutions, BidNotice, My GovWatch, eSUB, Government Bids, IPSBIDS, GovDirections & Construction Bid Source.

Company Data

Established in 2016 by an American Minority Female Owner & Operator

Certified with The City of Atlanta (SBE Cert # 2016-21-276)

Certified with GA Dept of Transportation (DBE Cert #14575)

 Certified with Clayton County, GA Water Authority SLBE (Cert-1803-46)